Five book series’ to transport you out of this world…

A recommendation of series to get stuck into this spring…

These are all worthy reads, one or two of which I have or intend to review in depth soon. I love a good dystopian novel- something to take me right out of this world and into another. Perfect for rewarding yourself after exams, deadlines, or a long week on the job. Even better- take one of these with you on your own spring-summer adventure!

1. The Delirium Trilogy.
deliriumRecommended to me by a work friend, and notorious bookworm, this series renewed my zeal for reading after somewhat of a sabbatical.
It follows the experiences of Lena Haloway- Tiddle, in a world were love is considered a deadly disease, which everyone must eventually take the cure for. In Lena’s world, there are no wars, no unrest, and everyone stands united. A utopia, perhaps, or is it just that no body cares enough to believe in anything anymore?  Is her world one of peace, or indifference? What is a world without love?

2. The Parials Series.
PartialseriesA chance find on my precious Kindle, Partials introduces us to a post- apocalyptic world where human beings are no longer the dominant species on earth, and who are plagued by an illness that have destroyed all but 0.004% of human life. On top of this, the remaining 36,000 people attempting to forge a new life, live in fear of the Partials, super-humans created by futuristic genetic engineering. This all gets too much for Kira, a young medic, and attempts to discover a cure, and undertakes a mission delving deep into humanities past. (Which just so happens to be our own incomprehensible present.)

3. The Mortal Instruments
cityofashesApparently this series is the second in a supposed five, in an umbrella series called The Shadowhunter Chronicles, but I started with these and they still make perfect sense as a stand alone series.
If you haven’t been keeping up with these, the last in this lot will be published a mere month from now, at the end of May 2014; “City of Heavenly Fire” follows “City of Lost Souls” in the six-part chronology, and follows Clary Fray in her discovery of a strange, angelic and dark universe.
Clary is an artist and in the first book, City of Bones, and she believes she is a mundane, or a human without angelic powers, only to find out that she is in fact a Shadowhunter, or a human with angelic qualities. Her best friend Simon is in love with her, but she has interests elsewhere, and is subsequently devastated when she learns of an awful twist of fate about the boy she loves.

4. Divergent, Insurgent, Alliegant.
divergent This series is one I haven’t gotten round to even starting yet- and I’m so gutted because I had aimed to read the first one by the time the film came out, which obviously, I didn’t accomplish. They’re on my list though!
So, to further whet you’re appetite for dystopian thrillers: In Beatrice Prior’s Chicago, all society is sectioned into five factions, each one committed to the maintenance of a particular virtue—Candor (honesty), Abnegation (selflessness), Dauntless (bravery), Amity (friendship and peace), and Erudite (intelligence). On an appointed day of every year, all of age (16, surprise surprise) must choose the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives, and there are no anomalies.
For Beatrice, this means choosing to follow who she feels she really is and staying with her family, and she can’t have both.
So what will happen if she chooses no faction whatsoever?
This a is story that celebrates and empowers those who are different, but which also shows what hardship all those who choose to not ‘tow the party line’ must face.

5. The Caster Chronicles
beautifulcreaturesNarrated by small-town-living, bored high-schooler Ethan Wate, of Gatlin, South Carolina; this is actually the first series I’ve come across which seems to cater to girls primarily, that has a uniquely male voice telling the story.
Ethan’s girlfriend is Lena Duchannes, a Caster girl of questionable origin: is she a Light Caster or a Dark Caster? Primarily good or enigmatically wicked?
This book teaches us that here is light and dark in all of us, a past and future, and all is determined by the choices we make, the rules we choose to follow… or to disregard.
Ethan battles with Lena’s tempestuous personality, and in return she lets him into her world of magic; this book has it all: Casters (aka, witches and the like), Deamons of all natures, an entire spirit world to discover, all set against the lazy romance of rural Southern America. And yes, they do talk about the Civil War rather a lot.

So, happy reading! Set yourself up somewhere comfy, a place you can call your own, with a cocktail or a cuppa, and please let me know how you all get on. If you have your own favourite spring/summer reads, recommend them as I’m always looking for new inspiration!


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