Original Writing: ‘A’

I cannot forget
your face when we first met:
crooked, cross,
creased with laughter,
not crying yet,
but just give it time…

We stumbled blind…

It was all brand new:
Welcome to the Zoo
We felt locked away and watched,
actors in an age of ambiguity.

But the uncertainty was thrilling
all the crowd stood trilling
our names and for days
I could see light
long after the curtain closed

I knew well and true
my heart had chosen
this life of hustle and flirt
hard work,
art, music,
low paid mirth.

Then why,
I implore,
did I dare to crawl
to a plusher, softer, warmer,

With the insistence
I was right.

I was very very wrong.
And for the longest time
the clock ticked but never moved…

The ice set in.

The line was thin.
I didn’t notice when I’d crossed
into mild oblivion,
on the edges of the city
cold, hard, gritty.
Art and light were far away
and just because I saw
gold this way.

It wasn’t even silver.

You did tell me.
You’re wiser than you look.
And you look very wise.

Now when I fear
all that wanderlust
is dead in the dust
I hope you’ll recognise me
and we’ll go chase lights again,
My Good Friend
who gets us into trouble
who I’d be poorer,
only surer of the wrong things,


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