Original Writing: Siegfried’s Return

Original Writing inspired by Pat Barker’s ‘Regeneration’ and the play ‘Not About Heroes’ both of which feature and speculate on Sassoon, his political and personal beliefs and his relationship with fellow poet Wilfred Owen. This excerpt is loosely written in the style of Pat Barker, though from memory rather than reference. It features characters of Barkers creation (Callan) and of my own (Finn).

Original Writing: ‘A’

I cannot forget your face when we first met: crooked, cross, creased with laughter, not crying yet, but just give it time… We stumbled blind… It was all brand new: Welcome to the Zoo We felt locked away and watched, actors in an age of ambiguity. But the uncertainty was thrilling all the crowd stood…

Original Writing: ‘The tip of your tongue’

Stealthy as your silhouette Healthy as your cigarette I will stay just on the tip of your tongue Light as a feather of lead I will pollute the white of your bed I will stay just on the tip of your tongue. You can call me anything Obsession can mean everything and there is always…

Original Writing: ‘Waitress’

Master Maker of
cocktails, coffee and
Taster of Tips
at the bar
drinking a jar
or two
with fellow hustlers…

Does this sound familiar to you?

Original Writing: 20,000 Leagues of Space: Prologue

Β Shea looked up into the light. Eyes blinking, pupils shrinking, hand brought up to shield their delicate blue lightning pattern, she studied the cold and fiery ball of gas and energy as the ship sat in a ball of nothingness, within inches of it. Out in the cold depths, 20,000 leagues of light years into…